Mondo Mashup Soundsystem production

August 12, 2013

Mondo Mashup Soundsystem have just completed recording their album in our studio. Since April of this year, the 12 musicians (and additional guests) spent various sessions recording their self-titled album which consists of 14 songs. The band worked closely with their own producer and musician Malte Menzer and were supported by Aljoscha Mallmann with some of the more complex recordings, especially when it came to recording drums & saxophone. During the recording sessions Tresorfabrik provided the band with equipment from our equipment inventory so that the band could also work on the songs in their own studio. This meant that we could record different parts in different locations at the same time! For example, in Krefeld trumpet parts were recorded at the same time as vocals were being recorded in Duisburg. The band took a classic approach to recording with overdubs, but 2 of the 14 songs were actually recorded completely live. These demanding recording sessions were led by Alljoscha, who also mixed the album. The album will be mastered next week by Kai Blankenberg in SkyLine in Düsseldorf. This was an exciting and intensive production for both the band and the production team and goes to show that a modular approach to recording (recording with an engineer, recording and hiring a studio without an engineer, renting equipment and mixing) can all be done within one production!

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