Our offers for Hip-Hop and rap artists

July 10, 2020

We receive dozens of calls and mails during each week regarding rap recordings and beat productions. Although our focus is more on band recording, we love Hip-Hop and enjoy working with rap artists a lot. So let's look at the most frequently asked questions.

Do you record rap/Hip-Hop?

Yes we do! We have been recording rap vocals and mixing hip-hop tracks for years.

I need beats, can you produce those for me

We focus on recording and mixing, unfortunately, we do not produce beats commercially.

How much is a track?

Our studio is bookable on a daily base, so it makes sense to plan a session where we record multiple tracks together. Unfortunately, we don't offer hourly rates.

Which format should by beats have?

24-Bit WAV is ideal. We highly recommend using single tracks or stems instead of stereo masters as backing tracks, as the latter are usually already compressed with a limiter.

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